When Lily Trotters first originated, it was to provide comfortable, yet marathon-strong compression socks to the public. However, we also wanted our socks to be fashionable--something ladies could wear with workout gear but that could pair easily with office outfits or airplane attire. This is why we love it when women like The Lingerie Addict call us out for being cute!  
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If you asked a slew of travel writers what they would like from Santa, what answers would you get besides trips to exotic locations and frequent flyer miles? Socks! Lily Trotters Compression Socks, to be exact.

Food Wine Travel Magazine writer Christine Cutler curated the ultimate wish list for travelers by asking experts in the field, and our stylish socks secured a spot. Why? Because professional travelers know that wearing graduated compression reduces flight-induced ankle and foot swelling, leg pain and discomfort, and the risk of developing a blood clot. It even improves energy levels so that once the flight is over, you and your legs are ready to explore. And you'll be fashionable, too!

So take a tip from the experts and always put Lily Trotters on your packing list!

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