Jackie's Maternity Must-Haves! Pregnancy Gift Guide

December 05, 2018

Jackie's Maternity Must-Haves! Pregnancy Gift Guide

We love following along on our ambassadors' journeys and it's been a blast to watch Jackie Merritt's journey to soon-to-be motherhood! As a respected ultramarathoner, we've asked Jackie to share her favorite products for runners in the past, but here she's dishing on the goods that made her active pregnancy a bit (or a lot) more comfortable. 

Here's a few items that the new or expectant mom is your life would love to receive this holiday season!

1. Lily Trotters (duh). All day every day! Exercising throughout pregnancy has been much more comfortable with Lily Trotters to prevent swelling and help with recovery. I can also wear Lily Trotters every day at work to prevent swelling in my feet and ankles without looking like a granny! I get compliments on these socks all the time. They are so cute that people can't believe they are actually compression socks!

2. Hoka Clifton 5 Shoe - The best pregnancy running/walking shoe with perfect cushioning and lots of room for foot expansion.

3. Brooks Juno Sports Bra - If you are planning to continue exercising throughout pregnancy, you won't regret the dollars you spend on a new sports bra that fits and makes exercising more comfortable. This is the only sports bra that has worked for me and my "new anatomy." It also functions as a nursing bra for after baby arrives.

4. Pregnancy Pillow - Can't live without! I have the Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow and love it.

5. Maternity Underwear - I waited way too long to buy these but they make everyday life a lot more comfortable! I like the Motherhood Maternity brand that I have.

We'd like you to keep in mind that an experience is an awesome gift for a new or expectant mom, too. A gift certificate for a massage or a visit to get her hair done can be just what she needs to feel refreshed. What were some of the things or experiences that made your pregnancy a bit easier? Leave a comment below!

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