Our Style

Sassy and sexy. That’s the essence of Lily Trotters style.

A lifelong lover of art and design, Lily Trotters founder and designer Susan enjoyed a successful career as a creative director before starting Lily Trotters in 2012.

Susan’s goal for Lily Trotters was simple, both then and now: Produce truly beautiful, high-quality compression socks that bring the benefits of wearing compression to all women, in every aspect of their lives.

From our most conservative sock with four subtle XXXXs (kisses!) just above the ankle to our most colorful and boldly patterned stripes, Lily Trotters offers an array of designs to suit a variety of personal styles. What’s more, we’ve created our own palette of custom colors to ensure that our socks complement every kind of wardrobe – from fitness to fashion. (Why not buy two designs in the same color palette and have fun mixing and matching?)

So get ready to look beautiful and feel badass as you attack your busy day! Whether you’re running a marathon or a mile, standing all day or sitting through a long flight, there is something for everyone at Lily Trotters.

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