The FITZNESS Show - Starring Lily Trotters!

The FITZNESS Show - Starring Lily Trotters!

Podcasts are seriously the best thing ever. Working out, walking the dog, folding laundry, doing the dishes...why not do it all while listening to a podcast?! There are so many great listening options like the FITZNESS Show, a health & wellness podcast hosted by fitness expert, Fitz Koehler.

Fitz recently released her 2017 gift guide after spending some time at The Running Event where she got to see, touch and try out the latest trends in running gear and apparel. Fitz gives Lily Trotters a shout-out as a great compression option for women due to our fun and flirty designs, noting they would look just as cute with your everyday outfit as with your running clothes. We agree! Lily Trotters will get you through a marathon day from your morning run to your evening glass of wine and everything in between!

Take Fitz's advice and think Lily Trotters compression socks this gift-giving season.


Team Lily

Click here to listen to the FITZNESS Show.