Women Supporting Women--Discover these Amazing Brands!

Women Supporting Women--Discover these Amazing Brands!

We were thrilled to be at Title Nine's Movers and Makers Pitch Competition (have we mentioned that?), not only because it provided an opportunity for us to share our product with a wider audience, but also because we were able to learn about so many other amazing products being designed by women, for women!  

Two of our fellow Pitchfest finalists are currently making wonders happen through crowdfunding platforms, and we want to show our support by sharing our admiration for their awesome creations. Did you know that Lily Trotters launched via a successful Kickstarter campaign? We've been there and done that and understand the importance of having amazing supporters from the very beginning! (We ❤️ our original sock flock members!)

First, #PeeEmpowered with SheFly, a zippered pant that allows women to be active and answer nature's call without any accidents! Outdoor pants were originally designed to serve only men’s bodily functions, leaving women to have to pull their pants completely off, literally squatting with our bums exposed)!  SheFly's solution gives females the confidence they need to do their business without having to hide. It's about time to 'SMASH the pants patriarchy,' right?

Second, find fashion and comfort with Lisbeth Joes, minimalist shoes that don't compromise on style! Founder and creator Leontyne Ashmore wanted a shoe that allowed for better foot health without sacrificing style--so she started her own line! It's the next best thing to being barefoot. 

And if that weren't enough, both of these powerhouse products are made through sustainable and equitable practices. Because women do more! So, be sure to go check out the campaigns for each of these companies and show your support for these female manufacturing BOSSES!!

P.S. -- Did you know we're launching our very own Kickstarter 2.0 campaign soon? If you're interested in learning more about what we've got up our (calf) sleeves -- click here

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