Small Tips for BIG Goals!

January 01, 2019

Small Tips for BIG Goals!

It's that time of year when we sit down and think about all the ways we want to become better versions of ourselves. Whether it's healthy eating, being a better friend or starting a morning meditation routine -- the list can sometimes get pretty long! Then, we add in a few bucket list items consisting of places we want to go or new hobbies we want to take up. It's great to set goals, to acknowledge where we fall short and to desire to learn and improve (reminder: we should ALWAYS appreciate where we are!) but how do we put those thoughts into action? We've listed a few tips below!


If you've got a goal, write that sucker down. Put it on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror so you're reminded each day (twice a day!) when you're brushing your teeth that you've got goals to work towards. Use it as motivation when you're getting ready in the morning and an opportunity to reflect as you're wrapping up your day. That small daily reminder can pack a big punch when it comes to keeping you focused on and committed to your goals.


Some things are just easier done with a friend. A new morning workout routine, for example, is a great activity to start with someone who has similar fitness goals in mind. That person will keep you honest - you're not gonna hit snooze if you know you're meeting Becky at the gym at the crack of dawn.

Perhaps you have a friend that's been dying to get to Iceland as much as you! You've decided this is definitely your year to make the big trip, but saving money has never been easy for you. Now's the time to call up your travel buddy, pick a date, and commit to start saving TOGETHER for a trip of a lifetime. Your joint enthusiasm and shared commitment to making this experience happen will be just what you need to skip the fancy coffee drinks and watch the dollars add up in savings instead!


Or at least put it out there on, you guessed it, social media. We're just being honest when we say this BUT... nobody really cares about how perfectly round your pancakes are or that you forgot to move your elf on a shelf, but you share that anyway, right?! If you have a big or small change you are trying to make in your life, put it right on out there for all the world to see. You may find that you have a friend trying to make the same change (see above!). You may receive much-needed words of encouragement - who doesn't love positive reinforcement?! AND, you may just inspire other people to make a change in their own lives. There's so much we don't hide on social media; letting people in on your hopes and dreams can be scary, but in the long run, you'll be more dedicated and motivated to! 


Listen, we ALL fail. We ALL have bad days. Don't let small failures limit your ability to make big things happen. If you're trying to change your eating habits and "accidentally" eat the entire leftover half of your daughter's birthday cake on a sleep-deprived hormonal binge (guilty as charged) - own it, acknowledge the next day's sugar-induced hangover and moooooove on. Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe today marks a new week. Now don't keep pushing that "hit reset" timeline back, but also don't let your tiny step backward limit you from moving forward completely. You got this, sister.


Tell us, is there a tactic that has proven successful for you when it comes to making changes and setting goals?  Leave it in the comments below.

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