Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for all the well-deserving mothers out there! We like to say moms are the COOs (Chief Operating Officers) of their households because they often times manage it all. Mother's Day is a great time to show appreciation for everything they do.

We've asked the most #unstoppable moms we know, our ambassadors, for their recommendations when it comes to our 2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide. We hope you find some inspiration below! 

#Unstoppable Mom Casey Suggests...

1. I'm uber focused this year on maintaining a "cup half full" approach to life. A gratitude journal has been really helping me stay positive daily. I think it would be super sweet to purchase Mom a gratitude journal and for the first entry make a list of reasons why her children (or you) are grateful for her. Mom life can be stressful, so taking a minute each day to focus on the good in life can make a big impact. You can use any old notebook, but I LOVE this journal from Anthropologie. It has just enough space for what you need and covers a span of five years!

2. As a mom, professional and everyday athlete, I am ALWAYS on the go. I have yet to try but am super interested in using CBD infused products to help reduce pain and inflammation. What's been stopping me? It's hard to spend money on myself for anything that may be considered a "want" rather than a "need." I'd love to try out the products from, Blue Willow, a NEW woman-led brand. A mother's day gift would be the perfect way to get me to realize I need these products in my life!  

3. I can't avoid my love of Lily Trotters compression socks. Whether sitting, standing, hiking or traveling -- I almost always have my "LTs" either on my legs or on standby to reduce swelling and energize my tired gams! I've already gifted my mom a pair. I'd suggest you do the same!

4. I love to shop women-led brands and my FAVE right now is Kind Apparel. I love their founder, Mallory, and that she uses eco-friendly materials to create luxurious apparel. Her designs are amazing and the fit is always "just right."  I'm gifting my mom the Palsa Poncho -- I wear mine 24/7 and it just happens to be on sale right now!

Super Mom Sonia Loves...

1. I love my Momentum wraps for little pep talks on the go because Mother’s Day is just one day but we show up every day and get things done under the toughest of circumstances.

2. Lily Trotters are always a great idea to pamper your legs after a long day of work/activity or whatever. (save 25% here!)

3. I also love Dr. Teal’s epsom salts -- a bath feels indulgent but is so worth it.

4. A subscription to the Calm app because meditation is a great way to quiet my mind from all the to-do lists.

New Mom Jackie Recommends...

1. HOKA Clifton 5 shoes – the BEST pregnancy and postpartum running shoes!

2. Can I say Lily Trotters?! Specifically for pregnant and postpartum women they are GREAT for preventing swelling.

3. Hydration packs or handheld bottles are also great. Recently during my postpartum journey, I have really liked using the NATHAN speed shot handhelds and the NATHAN waist pack, because I found out that running with a hydration pack with breastfeeding boobs has a lot of undesirable bouncing involved!

4. Speaking of breastfeeding, the Brooks 7 Wonders sports bra from Title Nine is a MUST if you are breastfeeding (or even if you are not and are well-endowed).

5. Massages are always an amazing gift to receive. For some reason, I have a hard time buying one for myself, but I LOVE getting these! A licensed massage therapist is always great, but if you have no fragile injuries, going to a less expensive Korean massage place is also pretty great.

6. Otherwise, I think the best recovery gifts for moms are not bought but come from the heart. Instead of flowers and cards, take the baby/kid(s) solo for a few hours and let her go for a longer run on the trails, get out with a friend, or just take a relaxing bath at home in peace! 

Adventure-Lovin' Mom Jody Can't Live Without...

1. I explore the backcountry without cell phone service alone a lot. As a mother, I know the importance of being able to connect with my family, and them to me, while I'm out of service areas. To stay in touch and to provide peace of mind for your family and loved ones, the Garmin inReach Explorer+ is a great gift idea. This device provides 2-way satellite communication, pre-loaded TOPO maps and GPS navigation, and emergency SOS communications. A great gift for those moms who like to adventure off the beaten path!

2. I treat myself to therapeutic massages every two weeks. This type of massage has been vital to my recovery and overall ability to train and compete over the last two years. This is a great gift option for a busy mom who may not make the time to incorporate massage into her regular routine.


Is there a gift or experience you've received for Mother's Day that really warmed your heart? Add to our list in the comments below!

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