Any Sport. Any Season. ALL THINGS SNOW!

Any Sport. Any Season. ALL THINGS SNOW!

If you take a look at our #unstoppable squad, you may notice we have a pretty impressive team of strong athletes, many of whom are runners. We like to say our team is comprised of "Runners AND..." because most of our squad consists of women who crush goals and stay fit in a multitude of ways -- and, they always bring their Lily Trotters along for the ride! This article will focus on our #unstoppable shredders, women who pull up their compression socks and search for powder pockets all winter long, and why they benefit from compression while participating in snow sports.

Cross-Country Skiing

"Calf sleeves are the perfect addition to my Lily Trotters socks, I use them during cold snowy runs, or for cross country skiing when I want a thicker pair of socks on but still need that compression!" - Jenny Lena, Lily Trotters Ambassador

Trust Jenny, she hails from British Columbia -- so when it comes to braving cold temps and getting after it all year long, she's truly speaking from experience!

As with many endurance sports, cross-country or nordic skiing, requires a considerable amount of "time on feet" - combine this with cold temps and it could make for a pretty long and miserable day. Compression socks and sleeves are a great addition to your gear quiver. Quality-tested graduated compression will increase blood flow keeping your legs invigorated and your toes toasty while you spend the day comfortably trekking through a winter wonderland. Nobody wants sore, tired legs to slow them down and impact their ability to enjoy an experience, so be sure you pack compression socks on your next cross-country adventure!

Skin UP, Ski Down

 "Can I just tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Lily Trotters? I wear them a bunch, and religiously while skiing. And get this, my husband does too. Lol! They are perfect for skiing because they’re long, so go above the boot line and they’re just the right amount of thickness. Feet stay warm, calves are comfy, and still plenty of room for toes to wiggle and keep circulation going." -- Kathleen Egan, Lily Trotters Ambassador

Kathleen is a year-round warrior. From getting first tracks in the mountains of Washington to running 100-milers in the dead of summer - she goes hard. And, she relies on Lily Trotters to keep her legs feeling fresh all year long.

Whether you have a season pass to ski alpine or hit the back-country one thing ALL skiers understand is the importance of having happy feet while out for a day on the sticks. If your ski boot is killing you, you're not going to have fun. If your calves cramp up, that's no bueno. Compression socks will help prevent the cramping that can go along with going hard on the mountain. And, if you're like most people -- you'll want to wake up the next day and do it all over again. Wearing compression expedites the recovery process which means you'll be ready to earn your turns before anyone else!


"Between getting my kids to the mountain and making sure they are enjoying themselves - I don't have time to deal with my own discomfort with my little shredders in tow. Picking the right gear at the start allows me to focus on what's really important, making memories! My Lily Trotters keep my legs niggle-free and therefore, maximize the fun I'm having every time I hit the slopes!" -- Casey Szesze, Lily Trotters Ambassador

Casey is a full-time mom and weekend warrior who likes to push herself and her family to explore new places and try new activities regardless of the season. She usually leaves her cape at home, but this superwoman never goes anywhere without her Lily Trotters.

Snowboarding, like skiing, can be really fun if you're feeling great and uber miserable if you're not. If you're heading out for a multi-day family vacation or trip with friends on the mountain, compression socks will eliminate the lactic acid build-up that occurs when you push your muscles to their limit. This means, you can hit the slopes the next day and the day after that and the day after that...without feeling like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. If you're looking to shred the day away, using graduated compression socks or sleeves will reduce inflammation and cramping along with giving your legs their second and third and fourth wind. We guarantee the lifts will shut down before your body does!


These are just a handful of examples of why you should consider wearing compression when playing on snow. Do you always wear your Lily Trotters while participating in a cold weather activity? Share your experience in the comments below!

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