5 Foods to Start your Day Off Right and #BeUnstoppable

September 21, 2017

5 Foods to Start your Day Off Right and #BeUnstoppable

When life gets busy and time is not on our side, breakfast is usually the first casualty. You may want to think twice if you skip breakfast as you might be sabotaging your performance goals, on and off the trails. Eating breakfast helps with concentration and memory and reduces irritability and fatigue by keeping energy and blood sugar levels stable. A balanced breakfast also increases your intake of important nutrients and makes you less likely to overeat later in the day which is important for weight management.

The next time you’re heading out the door with an empty stomach, reach for one of these protein-packed, fiber-full and nutrient-rich meals that are easy, quick and convenient. 


  1. Look for instant varieties without added sugar.
  2. Add a spoonful of nut butter for added protein and filling fat.
  3. Add milk for extra calcium and vitamin D.
  4. Add fresh or dried fruit for fiber and sweetness.
  5. Make it the night before so that it’s ready and waiting on your in the morning.


    Cottage cheese

    1. Keep it simple with some anti-inflammatory cinnamon.
    2. Pair with a pre-roasted sweet potato or yam.
    3. Make a parfait with your favorite granola and fruit.



      1. Scrambled, fried or poached – the options are endless!
      2. Add your favorite leftover veggies or sweet potatoes.
      3. Serve on a tortilla with salsa and guacamole.



        1. Try plain, Greek varieties to lower the sugar and increase the protein.
        2. Add whole grain cereal or granola for crunch.
        3. Dip your spoon in a nut butter so you get a little on each bite.
        4. Add fresh, dried or frozen fruit.


          Whole grain toast

          1. Add nut or seed butter and banana.
          2. Instead of jelly, mash up frozen thawed berries.
          3. Top with avocado and hot pepper flakes.
          4. Who said you can’t have grilled cheese for breakfast?


          About the Author: Maria Dalzot is a Lily Trotters Ambassador, a La Sportiva athlete, USATF National Trail Champion and multi-time US mountain team member. She is a regular contributor at She is also a registered dietitian (RD) and a Washington State certified dietitian-nutritionist (CDN) with a Master of Science degree in human nutrition and food science. Maria works with people of all ages and disciplines to meet their performance and health goals.

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